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Chapter 7: Known Causes of Trouble with GNU CC

This section describes known problems that affect users of GNU CC. Most of these are not GNU CC bugs per se---if they were, we would fix them. But the result for a user may be like the result of a bug.

Some of these problems are due to bugs in other software, some are missing features that are too much work to add, and some are places where people's opinions differ as to what is best.

  • Actual Bugs Bugs we will fix later.
  • Installation Problems Problems that manifest when you install GNU CC.
  • Cross-Compiler Problems Common problems of cross compiling with GNU CC.
  • Interoperation Problems using GNU CC with other compilers, and with certain linkers, assemblers and debuggers.
  • External Bugs Problems compiling certain programs.
  • Incompatibilities GNU CC is incompatible with traditional C.
  • Fixed Headers GNU C uses corrected versions of system header files. This is necessary, but doesn't always work smoothly.
  • Disappointments Regrettable things we can't change, but not quite bugs.
  • C++ Misunderstandings Common misunderstandings with GNU C++.
  • Protoize Caveats Things to watch out for when using protoize.
  • Non-bugs Things we think are right, but some others disagree.
  • Warnings and Errors Which problems in your code get warnings, and which get errors.