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This manual documents how to run, install and port the GNU compiler, as well as its new features and incompatibilities, and how to report bugs. It corresponds to GNU CC version 2.6.

  • Copying GNU General Public License says how you can copy and share GNU CC.
  • Contributors People who have contributed to GNU CC.
  • Look and Feel Protect your freedom---fight ``look and feel''.
  • G++ and GCC You can compile C or C++ programs.
  • Invoking GCC Command options supported by `gcc'.
  • Installation How to configure, compile and install GNU CC.
  • C Extensions GNU extensions to the C language family.
  • C++ Extensions GNU extensions to the C++ language.
  • Trouble If you have trouble installing GNU CC.
  • Bugs How, why and where to report bugs.
  • Service How to find suppliers of support for GNU CC.
  • VMS Using GNU CC on VMS.
  • Portability Goals of GNU CC's portability features.
  • Interface Function-call interface of GNU CC output.
  • Passes Order of passes, what they do, and what each file is for.
  • RTL The intermediate representation that most passes work on.
  • Machine Desc How to write machine description instruction patterns.
  • Target Macros How to write the machine description C macros.
  • Config Writing the `xm-machine.h' file.

  • Index Index of concepts and symbol names.