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Chapter 6: Extensions to the C++ Language

The GNU compiler provides these extensions to the C++ language (and you can also use most of the C language extensions in your C++ programs). If you want to write code that checks whether these features are available, you can test for the GNU compiler the same way as for C programs: check for a predefined macro __GNUC__. You can also use __GNUG__ to test specifically for GNU C++ (see Standard Predefined).

  • Naming Results Giving a name to C++ function return values.
  • Min and Max C++ Minimum and maximum operators.
  • Destructors and Goto Goto is safe to use in C++ even when destructors are needed.
  • C++ Interface You can use a single C++ header file for both declarations and definitions.
  • C++ Signatures You can specify abstract types to get subtype polymorphism independent from inheritance.