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Dr. Djamaladdin (Jamal) G. Musaev

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Director, Principal Scientist
Cherry L. Emerson Center for Scientific Computation,
Emory University
Ph: 404-727-2382; Fax: 404-727-7412


My Scientific Interests are (but not limited to):

* Understanding of fundamental principles of transition metal-catalyzed (including nano-scale catalysts) nitrogen fixation, hydrocarbon oxidation, sigma-bond (C-H, C-C etc) activation, alkene/alkyne boration, and olefin polymerization;
* Design of Solar energy-driven robust multi-electron-transfer catalysts for water splitting. Problems of Hydrogen production and storage.
* Search for new nano-scale materials with unusual physicochemical properties and reactivity.
* Elucidate mechanisms of enzymatic processes: Search for effective drugs against peroxynitrite toxicity. Application of nano-structures in biology.
* Seleno-metabolism: A search for effective Se-based anti-cancer drugs. Se transport mechanism in body.
* Understanding of fundamental principles and mechanisms of important metalloenzymatic catalysis such as oxidation (MMO, RNR), nitrogen fixation (FeMoco) and hydrogenation.
* Stereoselective C-H bond Functionalization (oxidation, amodation, alkylation...).
* The development of hybrid computational methods applicable to nano-scaled systems.

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