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WN Clickable Image Examples

As of version 1.07 the WN server has built in support for clickable images. You no longer need to compile and use the NCSA C imagemap.c program. This page illustrates the new WN functionality with two examples. If you want to set up your own imagemaps you should read the chapter "Clickable Images and Imagemap files on the WN Server" from the "User's Guide for the WN Server".

1 A Simple Example Using the Shape Method

Imagemap Shape Example

Here is a very simple sample of the WN clickable image capability. Click in the box with the picture above and the server will produce a response indicating in which area you clicked.

In order to create such a clickable image you must create a file called a "map file" telling the server which coordinates in the image correspond to which document. The format of this file is the same as that used with the NCSA C imagemap.c program (with a few minor enhancements).

1.1 The Map File shape.map

The map file for this example contains the following:


In this example all the URL's refer to the file shape.html with a different "query" (the stuff after the ?). Then WN's conditional text gives a different response for each request. In real life each of the URL's would probably refer to a different document.

In general these can be arbitrary URLs in one of three formats: Either full, as in http://webhost/docs/shape.html  or local as in /docs/shape.html  or relative as in shape.html  This last form is not supported by other imagemap handlers, so should not be used if you plan to move your work to a non-WN system. It refers to a document in the same directory as the map file.

1.2 The index File Entries

The index file entries for this example are:




2 A Simple Example Using the Point Method

Imagemap Point Example

Click in the box with the dots above and a response will tell you the color of the dot closest to the point where you clicked.

2.1 The Map File points.map

The map file for this example contains:


2.2 The index File Entries

The index file entries for this example are:




Of course you can use the point method and the shape methods in the same map file. When you do this the point method acts like a default. That is, if any of the methods "rect", "circle", or "poly" succeed the URL corresponding to the first to do so will be returned. Otherwise the URL corresponding to the closest point to the click location will be returned.

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