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WN Password Protected Directory Example

This file is accessible only to user santa with password red-nosed or user rudolph with password NorthPole.

Here is what the index file for this directory looks like:


The realm lets the client know that the same user/password pair is valid for any other directory with the same realm. The "Authorization-module=" line specifies that we are using the module wnauth which comes as part of the WN package. The -P option indicates that the next argument is the name of the password file we are using. A UNIX NDBM database can also be used for a password file. You can also control access by groups.

Finally all documents in this directory, being password protected, should not be cached so we give the directory the "Default-Attributes=non-cachable". This is done for security reasons on the client as not all clients adequately protect the documents they cache.

You can read the section "Limiting Access by Password Authentication" from the "User's Guide for the WN Server" for more information about password protecting documents under WN.

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