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3.14.12: HPPA Options

These `-m' options are defined for the HPPA family of computers:

Generate code for a PA 1.0 processor.
Generate code for a PA 1.1 processor.
Fill delay slots of function calls with unconditional jump instructions by modifying the return pointer for the function call to be the target of the conditional jump.
Generate code which allows calls to functions greater than 256k away from the caller when the caller and callee are in the same source file. Do not turn this option on unless code refuses to link with "branch out of range errors" from the linker.
Prevent floating point registers from being used in any manner. This is necessary for compiling kernels which perform lazy context switching of floating point registers. If you use this option and attempt to perform floating point operations, the compiler will abort.
Prevent the compiler from using indexing address modes. This avoids some rather obscure problems when compiling MIG generated code under MACH.
Use the portable calling conventions proposed by HP for ELF systems. Note this option also enables `-mlong-calls'.
Unable the use of assembler directives only GAS understands.