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8.2: Where to Report Bugs

Send bug reports for GNU C to one of these addresses:

Send bug reports for GNU C++ to one of these addresses:

If your bug involves the C++ class library libg++, send mail to `'. If you're not sure, you can send the bug report to both lists.

Do not send bug reports to the mailing list `help-gcc', or to the newsgroup `'. Most users of GNU CC do not want to receive bug reports. Those that do, have asked to be on `bug-gcc' and/or `bug-g++'.

The mailing lists `bug-gcc' and `bug-g++' both have newsgroups which serve as repeaters: `gnu.gcc.bug' and `gnu.g++.bug'. Each mailing list and its newsgroup carry exactly the same messages.

Often people think of posting bug reports to the newsgroup instead of mailing them. This appears to work, but it has one problem which can be crucial: a newsgroup posting does not contain a mail path back to the sender. Thus, if maintainers need more information, they may be unable to reach you. For this reason, you should always send bug reports by mail to the proper mailing list.

As a last resort, send bug reports on paper to:

GNU Compiler Bugs
Free Software Foundation
675 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139