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3.14.6: ARM Options

These `-m' options are defined for Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) architectures:

These options are identical. Generate code for the ARM2 and ARM3 processors. This option is the default. You should also use this option to generate code for ARM6 processors that are running with a 26-bit program counter.
Generate code for the ARM6 processor when running with a 32-bit program counter.
Generate a stack frame that is compliant with the ARM Proceedure Call Standard for all functions, even if this is not strictly necessary for correct execution of the code.
This option only applies to RISC iX. Emulate the native BSD-mode compiler. This is the default if `-ansi' is not specified.
This option only applies to RISC iX. Emulate the native X/Open-mode compiler.
This option only applies to RISC iX. Do not run the assembler post-processor, `symrename', after code has been assembled. Normally it is necessary to modify some of the standard symbols in preparation for linking with the RISC iX C library; this option suppresses this pass. The post-processor is never run when the compiler is built for cross-compilation.