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Chapter 10: Acknowledgments

A lot of people contributed to this project. Part of the code comes from the emacs sources. Many people, in particular at the silab (the Milan University Computer Science Department Laboratory), helped in beta testing.

In particular, I would like to cite Roberto Attias, Ivan Buttinoni, Alfredo Chizzoni, Marco Colombo, Heinfried Korn, Willy Langeveld, Fabrizio Lodi, Antonio Piccolboni, Gianpiero Puccioni, Marco Pugliese, Marco Rodolfi, Larry Rosenman, Sergio Ruocco, David Alan Sanna, Carlo Santagostino, Markus Senoner, Paolo Silvera, Reinhard Spisser, Elena Toninelli and Marvin Weinstein.

Comments, complaints, desiderata are welcome.

    Sebastiano Vigna
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