2.01: I cannot make alloca work
2.02: How do I compile my BSD programs?
2.03: Isn't the linker different from what I am used to?
2.04: How do I statically link my program?
comp.unix.aix Frequently Asked Questions (Part 4 of 5)
2.05: How do I make my own shared library?
2.06: Linking my program fails with strange errors. Why?
2.07: Why does it take so long to compile "hello world" with xlc?
2.08: What's with malloc()?
2.09: Why does xlc complain about 'extern char *strcpy()'
2.10: Why do I get 'Parameter list cannot contain fewer ....'
2.11: Why does xlc complain about
2.12: Some more common errors
2.13: Can the compiler generate assembler code?
2.14: Curses
2.15: How do I speed up linking
2.16: What is deadbeef?
2.17: How do I make an export list from a library archive?
2.19: Building imake, makedepend
2.20: How can tell what shared libraries a binary is linked with?
2.21: Can I get a PTF for my C/C++ compiler from the net?
2.22: Why does "install"ing software I got from the net fail?
2.23: What is Linker TOC overflow error 12?
2.24: What is the limit on number of shared memory segments
2.25: I deleted libc.a by accident --- how do I recover?
2.26: Where can I find dlopen, dlclose, and dlsym for AIX?
2.27: Where can I find ldd for AIX?
2.28: How do I make my program binary executable on the
2.29: How do I access more than 256 Megabytes of memory?
2.30: How do I use POSIX threads with gcc 2.7.x?
2.31: Why does pthread_create return the error code 22?
2.32: How do I build programs under a later AIX release that run