1.900: SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 "interoperability" got you confused?
1.901: How to get your keyboard back after unplugging it from the 6000
1.902: How do I set up pcsim, the DOS emulator?
1.903: How do I transfer files between AIX and DOS disks?
1.904: Where is the crypt program?
1.905: How do I play audio CDs?
1.906: How can I get the mouse back after unplugging it?
1.907: Where can I get source code to the operating
1.908: What's the difference between the POWER and
1.909: Will there be date rollover problems in the year 2000?
1.910: How can I build an "installp format" file?
1.911: Is there a generic SCSI driver for AIX?
1.912: Viruses or virus scanning on AIX?
1.913: How do I determine the clock frequency of a RS/6000 by