Shells, commands, man pages, InfoExplorer

1.400: How do I make an informative prompt in the shell?
1.401: How do I set up ksh for emacs mode command line editing?
1.402: Listing files with ls causes a core dump
1.403: How do I put my own text into InfoExplorer?
1.404: InfoExplorer ASCII key bindings
1.405: How can I add new man pages to the system?
1.406: Why can't I read man pages? Where is nroff?
1.407: Why is my environment only loaded once?
1.408: Where is the 'nawk' command on my AIX system?
1.409: How do I copy InfoExplorer (manpages and more) to my hard drive?
1.410: Why can't I set my default shell to one we've just installed?
1.411: Why do I get the "Unable to connect socket: 3"
1.412: Why can't I write a setuid shell script?