Backups, tape

1.200: Some info about tape backups
1.201: How do I do remote backup?
1.202: How do I backup a multi-disk volume group?
1.203: How do I put multiple backups on a single 8mm tape?
1.204: How can I make an exact duplicate of a tape over the network?
1.205: What is tape block size of 0?
1.206: Resetting a hung tape drive
1.207: How do I restore specific files from a mksysb tape?
1.208: How do I read a 5Gbyte tape on a 2Gbyte drive?
1.209: What can Sysback do for me?
1.210: How can I get my HP 4mm DAT to work?
1.211: How do I copy DAT tapes?
1.212: How do I speed up backups to DLT tapes?