SMIT, system administration

1.100: I am used to Unix systems programming,
1.101: How do I turn off the "running man" in smit?
1.102: How do I import an /etc/passwd or /etc/group file
1.103: Cleaning up utmp, who, and accounting problems
1.104: How to fsck the root filesystem
1.105: How can I unmount /usr to run fsck on it?
1.108: How do I see/change parameters like number of
1.109: How do I shrink the default paging space on hd6?
1.110: The swapper seems to use enormous amounts
1.111: How much paging space do I need?
1.112: How do I mount a floppy disk as a filesystem?
1.113: How do I remove a committed lpp?
1.114: How can I recover space after installing updates?
1.115: Where are the AIX log files kept?
1.116: How can I log information about ftp accesses to a file?
1.117: How do I find a file name from the inode number?
1.118: How do I set up postscript accounting?
1.119: How do I create boot diskettes?
1.120: Where can I find tools for performance monitoring?
1.121: How can I tell what virtual printer a print queue is using?
1.122: Two srcmstr's are less useful than one?
1.123: How do I set the tty name associated with a physical port?
1.124: How do I use mksysb to clone a system?
1.125: How do I retain timestamps with mksysb?
1.126: How can I find out the machine type?
1.127: Updating to 3.2.5
1.128: AIX fix strategy
1.129: Are passwords limited to 8 char?
1.130: How do I increase the number of ptys > 64?
1.131: Where can I find patches for CERT advisories?
1.132: How do I remove a non-existant physical volume?
1.133: How do I kill a process that ignores
1.134: How can I see "console" messages?
1.135: Where can I find TOP for AIX?
1.136: How can I restrict root logins to specific terminals?
1.137: How do I merge my /etc/password and
1.138: I lost the root password, what should I do?
1.139: How can I resolve DEV_WAIT status for a local print queue?
1.140: SMIT problems forcing/overwriting install?
1.141: Which distribution tape do I have?
1.142: How can I get PTF (fixes) via ftp? What is fixdist?
1.143: Is there an easy way to determine if AIX
1.144: How do I recreate a deleted /dev/null?
1.145: What is a checkstop error?
1.146: How do I recover deleted files?
1.147: What questions are on the AIX Certified
1.148: How can I run a command or commands at system
1.149: How to install LPPs on a shared disk?
1.150: How can I reduce the size of /var/adm/wtmp ?
1.151: How do I start local daemons at system startup?
1.152: How do I set the TZ variable to automatically change to
1.153: Why does init not reap its zombie child processes?
1.154: I'm looking for a missing command or header file.
1.155: Why doesn't the df -k output reflect the space I added
comp.unix.aix Frequently Asked Questions (Part 2 of 5)