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This posting contains frequently asked questions and answers about the IBM RS/6000 series workstations and AIX versions 3 and 4. All input is very welcome, I can be reached at

The list is split into five articles to pass thru most mailers. I'll usually try to post them once a month to comp.unix.aix, news.answers, and comp.answers. Please let your input continue as I am most thankful for all of it.

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Please make a note of the fact that these sites contain more than just the AIX FAQ and would probably be worth consulting before you post questions to any of the usenet groups.

If you see a From: line it means that whatever follows is either an unabridged or slightly edited version of the input I have received, and that I may not have verified its contents. If there is no From: line, I probably know what I am talking about, and the entry is edited from various sources.

All entries are numbered with major and minor subject number, e.g. 2.11. If the subject is preceded by an asterisk, that entry has been changed or added since the last posting.

The comp.unix.aix group is for AIX on all IBM platforms -- RT, PS/2, 370, RS/6000 and mainframes (ESA based on OSF/1), but the traffic has evolved to discuss predominantly AIX 3.x and the RS/6000. The newsgroups and cover the RT, mostly hardware and AOS 4.3, and on PS/2 hardware respectively. Mark Whetzel posts FAQ lists about RTs in the rt and *.answers groups. There are few to non-existent discussions on AIX/370 and AIX/ESA.

If you post questions to comp.unix.aix, please be sure to indicate:

I am doing this on my own time. Please do not ask me questions that should be asked to IBM. If you suspect you have software defect problems call (800) 237-5511. If you have hardware problems call (800) IBM-SERV.